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We offer information about the excellent association, the Western Isles Aquaculture Association (WIAA), though we are not officially affiliated with it.

The Western Isles Aquaculture Association (WIAA) serves the collective needs of aquaculture producers and related businesses in the Western Isles. Its membership includes a number of large and small aquaculture producers who collectively grow at least 70% of the total aquaculture product of the Western Isles, both finfish and shellfish.

Salmon production

Salmon production currently constitutes the major activity but halibut and other marine species are likely to be an increasing area of development in the near future. Shellfish farming is also on the increase. The association also deal with the issue of responsible fishing.

The Western Isles Aquaculture industry is currently one of the largest employers in the production sector of the local economy employing approx 700 FTE jobs with an estimated value of £60 million.

Rural island communities

Aquaculture related employment is crucial to lifeblood of rural island communities such as the Western Isles. This was clearly demonstrated in a study conducted by Western Isles Council into the economic importance of aquaculture. In a case study looking at the Isle of Harris aquaculture was found to be of major importance. Results:-

  • 154 people (129 FTE) employed in aquaculture = 25% of all employment in Harris
  • 1 in 4 people in employment or self employment in Harris work in the aquaculture industry


The Western Isles Aquaculture Association fan page

This website is a history of the Western Isles Aquaculture Association. We are not officially affiliated with the association, however.

Who are they?

The Western Isles Aquaculture Association was originally formed in 1992 to represent the interests of the islands’ newly established fish farming industry. Since then, the business has experienced a period of radical growth and transformation, emerging as one of the largest employers in the local production sector.

As the industry has moved forward, so the issues affecting fin and shellfish producers have changed. The WIAA was re-launched in September 2001 to meet these new challenges and to fully develop the industry’s potential within the Outer Hebrides.

The WIAA seeks to act as both a forum for communication and co-operation within the industry and as a platform from which to promote our fin and shellfish to a local, national and international market.

The name of the Association shall be "THE WESTERN ISLES AQUACULTURE ASSOCIATION" hereinafter referred to as "the Association".

Goals of the Association

The goals of the Association are:

a)  To preserve and promote the interests of the members of the Association.

b)  To support financially or otherwise the work or purpose of any Association or other body having as one of its objects the promotion and preservation of the interests of Aquaculture.

c)  To provide such advice benefits and information to the members or any of them as may be considered appropriate;

d)  To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them including co-operation with other Association having similar objects or any one of them. 


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